As lead designer for Glasgow Prestwick Airport, I have covered all aspects of the clients needs by ensuring their internal and external visual language is done so according to the brand’s behaviour. This means that the airport’s goals and values are always met with design excellence. This breadth of work, on top of the initial establishment of the airport rebrand, has been recognised with a Design Effectiveness Award.

Client: Glasgow Prestwick Airport
Agency: Stand 
Team: Stuart Gilmour, Garry Calderwood, Account Management Gordon Dyett & Melissa Longworth

While working on this brand, I established their corporate plan and corporate values which has supported in its goals to bring on board new airlines and return Glasgow Preswtick Airport into privately owned hands. This has also helped to establish the
values of the airport to staff and it’s associates.

The airport’s first summer campaign, “Here to Get You There”, while under their new identity, was to help get back into the public view. The campaign was covered in digital billboards over Glasgow and featured a print roll out in Silverburn Shopping Center. Various print and digital adverts have stemmed from the campaign, which pushes the visual assets to be adaptive for the direction and needs of the customer journey.

Crucial to a functioning airport is the need for effective public navigation signage that encompasses the whole airport to clearly inform travellers where to go. This was covered using the likes of car parking systems, internal and outward travel and departure and arrival signage.
The use of public and airside vehicles are always in use and the airport
brand definitely can’t be missed on these aspects.

A flight schedule was designed that provided all the essential information to passengers and help bolster Prestwick’s destinations, travel and airport services.
Branded security posters were created to reassure that the airport takes the safety of their passengers and staff seriously. This clean visualisation follows the brand language which helps ensure the message is taken onboard.
Use of patches has a historical aspect to the airport, so creation of spaceport and military patches definitely made for an exciting project to express the other operational aspects of the airport and keep the collection fresh and relevant to the airport today.

Glasgow Prestwick Airport’s outreach has been seen at various conventions in Europe to attract investors and airlines alike, with a keen focus of celebrating the airport’s local culture and geographic nature.