Design Around Me: Famous & Delightful

Famous & Delightful   Design around me, what is it, well I want to start a relatively recurring series that will come out every few weeks on the blog and possibly on instagram @scottmcallisterdesign. The subjects will be from a day to day basis and will include pieces of branding and general design that catches my […]

A Look Inside Doping In Sport

Intense Publication Block two of my BA I started probably the most intense brief of the year, Editorial Design, the area that focuses on magazine design and publication. The aim was to have a minimum of 48 pages, which would prove to be my toughest challenge so far. The famous five The brief consisted of […]

Nature Is A Challenge: Natural Disasters

The Evolution The world of information design is a massive form of communication for a vast array of medias and formats, originally being for prints and still images. It has evolved over the years in the sense that this form of communication design can now be seen executed in many way such as motion graphics or other […]

Autistic Spectrum Awareness Campaign

A Spectrum Disorder the first project in BA Graphic Design was a campaign on autism awareness Typography module were the brief was not predetermined or locked to what path you could take. The production of an equivalent 12 double page spread was the minimum. I wished to challenge myself with the subject and with the […]

A New Age for A new Hospital

The Biggest In The UK For several year our estate has witnessed the largest UK Hospital being built from the top to bottom and recently it was finished, I had been through it ones and was amazed the architecture being so modern and sleek, it really was like being in a sci-fi/fantasy film which hits […]

End Of Term Final Project

Much Awaited Summer First of all I hope everyone is doing well and looking forward or having a great summer, I know I am. It mark a week till I am high in the sky going from Glasgow to the lovely Aruba in the Caribbean Sea, haven’t been in 5 years and still be the […]

A Gap Full Of Photos

I had to produce an advertisement campaign for Gap that would generate a buzz and urgency to encourage students shop during the fresher’s period, as Gap doesn’t quite target students as well as it could. First of all I contacted Gap and asked for permission to photograph the outside and inside of the building in […]