Bridge2business: Citizen M Talk

A Creative Presentation Last year I was fortunate enough to get a ticket to a business and creativity talk at the Citizen M Hotel in Glasgow. The talk was carried out by three speakers, Fynn the owner of, the second was a new creative company and one of the founders of Nana spoke on […]

Window To The Soul – Baljit

The Strongest Friendship Someone with no limitations to our friendship; Baljit is my ‘main man’ for many things, especially for being there through the good and the bad when it really matters. Baljit is a wonderful and gentle soul who is studying Advanced Security Systems at University in his quest to be on the front […]

Inspirational Vector artist’s

Inspiring Vector Art When looking for design inspiration I tend to look for simple, but also complex vector art. What do I mean by that? Well there is the clean look way of design that focuses on shape and structure, not worrying about huge detail or texture. For the more complex they can use the […]

Window To The Soul – MuM

The First Welcome to my first eye; a special one; my Mum. My Mum is an amazing person who unwaveringly loves and puts others before herself. For most of her life she has been a partier and growing up with late house parties allowed me to flourish into an outgoing person. Having worked from a […]

Window To The Soul

The Speakers Eye Window to the soul is a personal project I want to begin. It is to take people that I know or meet and find out interesting things about their dreams and aspirations. Anything that I find interesting about them will be portrayed from my point of view and throughout this I want to […]

The Dutch Antilles Aruba Part 3

Food Equals Happiness The holiday was ‘all inclusive’ which was amazing, but the late night nachos with jalapeno, chilli, cheese and sour cream got too exhausting. Although having the choice between Asian cuisine and Mexican cuisine mixed with different types of meats and desserts made for a good choice. I then took a few nights […]

The Dutch Antilles Aruba Part 2

Night Life On our way to the Riu Hotel Resort we took a taxi to our hotel avoiding having to wait on dropping lots of people off; it’s quite a pain. My family and I were then taken to our room after check in and on arrival to our room we found our own personal […]

The Dutch Antilles Aruba Part 1

The Dutch Antilles Aruba Part 1 The first part of a three part series of one of the greatest places I have had the pleasure of visit, hopefully my insight might make you want to travel and fall in love with this place too. Aruba has been our family destination for years, but due to […]

Society’s Good & Bad From My View

Society’s Good & Bad From My View In today’s world, I find myself more and more seeing two types of people. This could be because I am becoming a more developed person and a contributor towards society. There are the outward and inward thinkers; people who are open to the world and its progressive change […]

Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice

The Clash We Have Been Waiting For With the imminent release of Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, The Man Of Steel will clash with The Dark Knight, the hype continues to build, everyone hoping, wishing and waiting to see the two heroes take it to the big screen with two very different methods come together […]