Window To The Soul – Robert

Window To The Soul – Robert

The Quite One

My Cousin Robert is one of Barry’s brothers. A very laid back quiet guy- the sort of person to be reserved in conversation and be more of an observer of the things happening around him. He is in a similar situation to Barry, trying to get a stable job despite having worked on and off for many years. In his case he just hasn’t found the right job that suits him, so at the moment he visits the job centre weekly in the hope of finding a path towards a more sustainable living.

Family Time

Both Robert and Barry have their mum who kindly cooks and visits from time to time and so too do my cousins that visit my gran to keep her company. Every blue moon I go up to stay for a night or so, which leads into my story of our lazy, chilled weekends together.

Lazy Visits

Every so often I visit my cousins in their flat, which is nothing special and nothing bad. I generally buy the weekend’s food for them while I am staying and I have a tendency to bring a heck of a lot of tech including my Apple TV along with my Xbox One. Clearly not a productive weekend ahead but at the same time makes for a chilled out weekend with movies and games. This is usually followed by lots of junk food and a takeout and we eat till we are all happy and full. It’s not something I do a lot but it is nice to put everything aside for a couple of days to wind down with family and enjoy myself.