Window To The Soul – Karl

Window To The Soul – Karl

The First

The first of the “Bitchy Resting Faces”, reserved for the right conversations, especially if there is no coffee involved. A down to earth guy who enjoys a good beer also having a soft spot for a southern comfort and lemonade. Karl like myself studies Graphic Design and has an eye for clean formal design styles with a hint of ‘sassiness’. Out with design Karl is devoted to his love, his TV shows and his bike.

Cinema Gone Wrong

Our small group from college enjoys a film so I had booked us in for a screening of Avenger: Age of Ultron. Since it was our last day in college for the week we went for a showing that was on afterwards. On the way into town we spoke about the whole continuity of the infinity gems so that we all knew where the story stood. We passed by some places for junk food, although me being a clean freak it took a bit longer having asked several questions about the menu at a ‘smoothie’ shop.

We all headed up to the screen and because I booked online we didn’t have to wait as long as he scanned the tickets and let us past. Once we got to our chair there was two girls occupying them. We asked them what there tickets said and oddly enough they had the same seats as us, so we just decided to sit down in the spare seats and not cause a fuss. After we got seated and settled in two girls came out of nowhere and start going ballistic accusing us of being in their chairs and told us they were going to get a member of staff. So I ask the other girls that are in our seats, what’s going on and to double check the tickets to ours, but our other friend Kieran, decides to be the public speaker. The trailers on, the cinema is full and pretty much the audience are more interested in us, while Karl is sitting there with his fingers crossed thinking “please stop, please stop it’s all a dream”. Unfortunately it wasn’t and once the staff arrived with the two angry girls I instantly looked at my phone and informed the group that we were not meant to be in this showing and that I had somehow not only booked a different showing, but a different day altogether.

So the walk of shame began, we had our food bags, jackets and our college bags, all of us mortified as Kieran continued to lead the conversation of us being in the right and the others being in the wrong, which made it worse. Karl carrying most of the stuff out was dealing with a severe reaction of embarrassment whilst making sure I knew it was my fault for getting the dates wrong. The young girl sympathized and explained it wasn’t anything to worry about and kindly got us into a showing not much later on in 3D. While we waited, I found this to be extremely funny and the other two were having none of it, sitting with such shock of what has just happened. It was definitely a strange bonding experience and to this day I believe this is one of Karl’s most embarrassing moments.

For a look into whats Karl’s eye for design brings head over to his website.