Window To The Soul – Gran

Window To The Soul – Gran

Caring & Giving

‘The eyes of a life of loving and living’ – along with my mum, my gran is one of the most caring and giving people who will go out of her way to help and make time for others. She is an independent, strong woman who loves her family and also loves to do her gardening and cleaning, yes that’s right! After cleaning her own home she will then make her way over to clean ours.

Keep Walking

Several years ago my gran had to have a knee replacement due to chronic knee pain – the degradation was too severe which left my gran very frail. She also had a horrible reaction to the drugs, feeling sick and very weak which is not good for anyone but being brave she managed to get through it. Not to anyone’s surprise, she neglected to do the physiotherapy resulting in less mobility. That was several years ago and very recently she was informed of the need to have the other knee replaced as it was getting worse. It was traumatizing for her to do this again but after arranging for a local anaesthetic through the spine it started to sound more promising. After several hours of her being in the operation we were surprised that my gran had taken the opposite reaction to the drugs from before. She was all happy and bubbly which was well deserved after last time, since then my grans walking has improved.

Average Day Out

There are many memories that I have with my gran but I love recalling a time when we took a trip to the local market. I remember going through an old brick arch and running around as a little kid, gazing over at the stalls to see what was there. Generally nothing that interested a young kid but there were stalls that sold sweets, toys and videos. After going around these packed busy markets, we would always go over to the small shopping centre for a good old steak bake from Greggs. After getting the food shopping done we would head home, but this one time there was an old-fashioned double decker bus running with no roof that we decided to get on. Feeling the speed with the summer sun beating on my face could only leave me with a smile. This was nothing too special but it was the ways in which it happened and who it was with that sticks in mind.