Window To The Soul – Daniel

Window To The Soul – Daniel

Growing Up

I met Daniel on the first day of joining scouts. Since then Daniel has grown massively, seeing him develop from being a troublemaker to a trouble stopper.

Not Set In Stone

Having both seen each other grow to become the people we are today, I hold a high respect for this young man, recently pushing up on the scouting ladder and becoming a support leader and soon to be the head of his units. He’s working hard with a dash of humour and smile. He is a caring and loving person to his friends and most importantly his family. From the beginning we have shared almost a love hate relationship in the sense that we always insult each other for no reason. He has ideas of going into science and engineering and also joining the army has crossed his mind but he has yet to make his decision.

Always There

On my most recent birthday night out I had the pleasure of Daniel being there for it, from the dinner party to the dancing in the clubs. We enjoyed the ever classic and timeless rock indie rock and decade. We danced, cheered and drank together. After finishing the night with many loving moments, we hailed a taxi and with others and went back to my house. Having come in to my mum still being up she joined in on the late night music and chatter. Full of interesting talk about everyone, Daniel not being the biggest drinker was taking it easy. Although the alcohol had took an impact making him more delicate to conversations, so once I had clocked he was in deep thought I said to him lets go for a talk in my room. We took some time to talk about his worries, we shared a moment of openness discussing how he has people who care for him and will always have people there who understand. We had a good hug and luckily the other two found the time to reassure him of this as he is still young and has a lot to learn.