Window To The Soul – DaD

Window To The Soul – DaD

A Traditional DaD

Welcome to the eye of my Dad, he is a strong-minded person who sticks to what he knows best but at the same time very laid-back. He is a loving dad, but not a conventionally affectionate dad in the sense that it’s me that has to push him into doing things together. He’s not big on long conversations but we do find time to sit down and watch TV shows like Game of Thrones.

The Real Transporter

Throughout my dad’s life he has been driving, doing anything from being a milk driver to a crate carrier to a lorry driver but for the past 20 odd year he has been a taxi driver, which like a lot of sectors, has not been profitable job.

A Lad

My Dad could be said to be one of the lads in his younger years, going to the gym or the pub with a few of his friends and he is well known for being quite the ladies man (until he met my mum that is).

A Road Trip I will always remember

There have been several memories but one shines through; a road trip my Dad and I took further north of Scotland. He is an expert driver who knows the country roads like the back of his hand and loves good indie rock music whilst enjoying the beautiful scenery as he drives. As we were taking a break we parked by the three sisters, a range of mountains in Glencoe. We had fresh soft rolls filled with prawns with a hint of prawn cocktail sauce and it tasted amazing. Through a variety of banter, driving and going round shops my dad had come across a train trip. Although this was no ordinary train trip; it was through the valley and train lines where Harry Potter was filmed. Better yet, it was the same model of the train. The old wooden finish and the seating boxes were so similar but getting to stick your head out to have the nasty smoke blast your face was amazing but obviously not the best idea.