Vince Frost Talk Design Your Life

Vince Frost Talk Design Your Life

Who is Vince Frost

Some time ago I was given a ticket to attend a longlunch event from Typographic and Graphic Designer Vince Frost. Born in England, brought up in Vancouver, Canada, Vince began his career most notably at Pentagram and later established his own consultancy, Frost Design. The company was based in London but after some time he decided it was time for a change and moved to Sydney, Australia where he established his consultancy and closed the London branch due to the difficulties with running a company over seas. Vince is someone who thrives on helping others and being an Executive Committee member of D&AD gives him the opportunity to do that, but his most recent in devour was the release of his book “Design Your Life”, that has attracted a lot of attention.

Learn, Think & Create

The book itself is broken down into three chapters, learn, think and create. “Learn” explains the difficult problems you face and the importance of listening to other people, but also listening to yourself and not being afraid to question everything. In the section “Think” Vince highlights the importance to learn and take full responsibility of your actions and to be open to new things, explaining that it is important to be surrounded by loved ones and people who care about you. Finally “Create” underlines how significant it is to establish yourself and find mentors for the needs that will support your path, excepting that life can get messy but you have to learn to overcome it.

Personal Growth

Vince spoke about how personal progress growth in the business brings benefits and improves morale, treating people right and pushing to cultivate others will yield for a much richer reward. He also highlighted the importance of setting aspirations and to be happy as much as possible, he used the example of putting images up of your goals or what you wanted to achieve to make sure you keep aiming higher. Vince also spoke about some personal adventures of his own, most importantly indicating that there will be times where you will struggle which led him onto saying you have to push yourself to talk to people as you don’t know what doors it will open. This is something Vince learned from personal experience, emphasising that you will gain more from the world by seeing more of it, doing this will allow you to see the difference and decide what’s right for you.

My Take Away

Overall “Design Your Life” contains a mountain of powerful knowledge and a great book to inspire creative typography. Vince frosts talk was a presentation on his book and what it speaks towards. His presence on stage, subtle humour and experiences really captivated me. When we spoke it was clear we had a similar mind set, humble and always looking to share, I can confidently say that anyone can learn from his work, his success and most importantly himself as a person.

Below are highlights of Vince Frost’s talk and areas that I found inspiring.

  • Don’t be a whinger work with what you’ve got blame is lame.
  • Be committed to getting to that finish line.
  • Embrace the unknown
  • Know and stretch your comfort zones
  • Try again, fail again, and fail better.
  • Collaborating is good, help make yourself whole
  • Take positive and conscious steps for your life and health
  • Create something meaningful, not junk
  • Find your pace, not others
  • Refine always; if it doesn’t work, let it go
  • Say yes more: No can close doors
  • Design is for life