Window To The Soul – Gabi

Fresh & Bazar Explosive personality to match her explosive aesthetic, Gabi likes to go from one extreme to the next, making her unpredictable most of the time. Allowing her conversations to be quite fresh and bazar. Her Passion Having finished two years doing a HND in Graphic Design she now plans to take time away from studying […]

Window To The Soul – Barry

The Ups & Downs One of my several cousins is called Barry – a relaxed guy who has been through his fair share of ups and downs though his life and so far awaiting the right calling. He spent several years living with my gran, which allowed us to spend lots of time together messing […]

Window To The Soul – Stephan

Media Driven Studying sound engineering, he has become aware of a world sometimes taken for granted, this provides the best excuse to see films, hear music and play games studying the sound, compositions and execution. Living here for several years and from Venezuela we share our love for food and our passion for cooking it, […]

Window To The Soul – Robert

The Quite One My Cousin Robert is one of Barry’s brothers. A very laid back quiet guy- the sort of person to be reserved in conversation and be more of an observer of the things happening around him. He is in a similar situation to Barry, trying to get a stable job despite having worked […]

Window To The Soul – Daniel

Growing Up I met Daniel on the first day of joining scouts. Since then Daniel has grown massively, seeing him develop from being a troublemaker to a trouble stopper. Not Set In Stone Having both seen each other grow to become the people we are today, I hold a high respect for this young man, […]

Window To The Soul – Gran

Caring & Giving ‘The eyes of a life of loving and living’ – along with my mum, my gran is one of the most caring and giving people who will go out of her way to help and make time for others. She is an independent, strong woman who loves her family and also loves to […]

Design Around Me: Mind & Body Tools

Field Notes A recent addition to my note taking collection is one of Aaron Draplin’s Field Note products, most people in the design industry will know of him, but if you haven’t its ok, I was one of those people too, the benefits of your friends also being designers are you all share new discoveries. […]

Vince Frost Talk Design Your Life

Who is Vince Frost Some time ago I was given a ticket to attend a longlunch event from Typographic and Graphic Designer Vince Frost. Born in England, brought up in Vancouver, Canada, Vince began his career most notably at Pentagram and later established his own consultancy, Frost Design. The company was based in London but after some […]

Window To The Soul – Karl

The First The first of the “Bitchy Resting Faces”, reserved for the right conversations, especially if there is no coffee involved. A down to earth guy who enjoys a good beer also having a soft spot for a southern comfort and lemonade. Karl like myself studies Graphic Design and has an eye for clean formal design styles […]

Window To The Soul – DaD

A Traditional DaD Welcome to the eye of my Dad, he is a strong-minded person who sticks to what he knows best but at the same time very laid-back. He is a loving dad, but not a conventionally affectionate dad in the sense that it’s me that has to push him into doing things together. He’s […]