Window To The Soul – MuM

Window To The Soul – MuM

The First

Welcome to my first eye; a special one; my Mum. My Mum is an amazing person who unwaveringly loves and puts others before herself. For most of her life she has been a partier and growing up with late house parties allowed me to flourish into an outgoing person. Having worked from a very young age she decided to take an adventure to Benidorm and various other party destinations gaining work as a bartender as well as a PR. At that time being ‘Public Relations’ was highly illegal and for many people it was a struggling lifestyle as the places she worked were all owned by criminals and gangsters. This eventually led to my mum being deported and with less than 24hrs to escape the country she had to sneak aboard an airplane on the way back home in Glasgow. Nowadays she is an owner of a Hair Salon Studio that she’s had for 20 years.

A True Wonder Woman

The life of a mother is stressful but my mum is the strongest person I am most likely to ever meet; the sort of person who would move mountains for her loved ones and she has done this for my entire life.


For me, a story that sticks in my mind is a time when we went to see “Prince”! Yes – the man who became an icon. He was making a one-night appearance in the Glasgow Hydro so my mum and I heard about it and wanted to book the tickets in advance and when it came to price it was not cheap, but to see a legend of music was really worth every penny. We had purchased a programme and had surprisingly bumped into my sister to whom we had neglected to mention that we were going to the concert. When we took our seats the man himself had finally arrived bringing on his backup singers who were three beautiful women of mixed ages. The roars of the crowds were insane and the atmosphere was palpable. The music was fantastic and getting to share this experience was the most amazing feeling as it was my mum who introduced me to Prince from the Purple Rain album and that was one of my favourite songs.

Both myself and my Mum have felt the loss of this Amazing Artist and we send out love for his family and fans, RIP.