Window To The Soul – Gabi

Window To The Soul – Gabi

Fresh & Bazar

Explosive personality to match her explosive aesthetic, Gabi likes to go from one extreme to the next, making her unpredictable most of the time. Allowing her conversations to be quite fresh and bazar.

Her Passion

Having finished two years doing a HND in Graphic Design she now plans to take time away from studying and go traveling. Something she will benefit from as a hobby of hers is Photography, having already explored many areas within and around Scotland this will be a step up and a great experience for her.


Many days occurred were the weirdest conversations would come out of nowhere. On this occasion it was about indigo and crystal children and how one of my friends Mark, Gabi’s boyfriend, spoke about me being one. Mostly everyone denied the idea of this being possible or true. It then moved onto our favourite animals, mine being huskies, the reason for this being that I believe that at some point I was one, bizarre as it sounds. So where is this going well, later that day another lovely conversation that Gabi brought up about what peoples nicknames. After stating mine Gabi hits out with that could be an adult themed nickname, “who and why did someone give you this” she said. From there it grew me digging a hole for myself and everyone deciding on Crystal Wolf would be an excellent adult performer nickname. Several weeks later this would back fire on Gabi after getting a new tattoo on her upper leg of Wolf howling at a quarter moon with colours of lovely grey’s, gold’s, blues and black. So after having seeing this lovely art I asked Gabi “How is the Crystal Wolf doing” she responded with a surprised “what!!!” Having explained that the relation could only mean she got it to remember me (this being a clear joke). Gabi was defiantly not impressed, while we are all chuckling. Having slowly accepted the joke I couldn’t help myself but comment an obscure Facebook message on the photo of her tattoo. “ How is Crystal Wolf today?”

To see the work of Gabi and see if her eye for creativity inspires you visit: Gabriella Julia Photography