Window To The Soul – Barry

Window To The Soul – Barry

The Ups & Downs

One of my several cousins is called Barry – a relaxed guy who has been through his fair share of ups and downs though his life and so far awaiting the right calling. He spent several years living with my gran, which allowed us to spend lots of time together messing about on social media and playing the Xbox, no doubt playing Call of Duty when it was fresh and exciting.

Finding His Way

Having tried a job in construction, it didn’t lead him into a suitable long-term career and that, unfortunately, leaves him unemployed with the difficulty of searching for work. Nonetheless it hasn’t stopped him from having a good time, nor will it stop him in the search for the perfect path.

Weekend Away

There are many stories to share of our adventures, but the one that comes to my mind is when we went a weekend away to a mobile home campsite It that was tucked away near a bear and restaurant which had an awesome old jukebox located inside it. The food was decent for a pub and it was different getting away with my Mum, Gran and Barry. We took to the beach where we spent time skipping stones along the water, making jokes and sneaking through wired fences to a restricted zone where we made a small fire.

The adrenaline rush was awesome the next day when we took our bikes for a ride up a zigzag path going up steep faces. We were going down the hill at tremendous speeds breaking for a sharp hairpin turn to set down the next straight shot of trail. The wheels were spinning out of control going faster and faster, both of us laughing and smiling with excitement. We looked at each other “ again, again!” But we should have stopped the second time because it was a large rock that I hit that stopped the bike and made it lift into the air and for a second I felt frozen. There was smacking and rolling, black & white flashing and a crashing noise when I came to a halt. Barry rushed to me and said “are you ok Scott, please tell me your ok”? I was bruised and shaken, crying and dripping with blood. We got the bikes and limped back and Barry was there to help me. All in all a great time, teaching me that your friends & family are always within reach.