Window To The Soul – Baljit


The Strongest Friendship

Someone with no limitations to our friendship; Baljit is my ‘main man’ for many things, especially for being there through the good and the bad when it really matters. Baljit is a wonderful and gentle soul who is studying Advanced Security Systems at University in his quest to be on the front line in one of the most respected security organisations to date.


From one of the first weeks of high school we began speaking and from our interests to messing about on our PSPs we slowly became closer and better friends and it peaked around  5th year of school. During that year we had the school prom, which we spent from start to finish together. Having a lot in common our night consisted of shouting pointless conversations, something that we do on a regular basis.

Geeking Out

Once a year there would be a ‘geeky convention’ but, several years ago a bigger convention arrived known as Comic-Con. Yup – that’s right – finally the famous awesome event would hit the heart of Glasgow at the SECC. We set out early on Saturday morning thinking it wouldn’t be so busy, but shockingly the queue was in the thousands and we were in fear of not getting in. Then we discovered a loophole that allowed people to get in right away so we headed to the door and walked straight in.

It was full of smiles, cosplayers, games stations with booths not to mention plenty of stalls. It was like a heaven where dreams come true, seeing someone cosplaying a beloved character was amazing and we rushed straight in to get a photo. Making lots of discoveries and sharing interests in things we both love was exciting and nothing but a pleasuring experience. We met some awesome new people and talked about what brings them here and how the diversity is so vast. The day was coming to an end and we had enjoyed the variety of guests one being a famous voice actor known for being the voice of The Full Metal Alchemist & “Broley” from Dragon Ball Z. He was a bright and energetic man full of passion. One of the cosplayers we had come across had made a suit of armour from halo, making it from pepakura and it was amazing. Baljit was fuelled to do something like that, the Iron Man armour specifically, to be that amazing man in the suit, to become slick and cool. Baljit is a massive Pokémon fan also and we came across a lovely girl cosplaying Misty and I got him to man up for a photo. Along with that, he spoke a little about her interests in the show. The event was an eye-opening experience to know that you are never alone no matter what you are really into or who you are. Experiencing our proper first Comic-Con together had been wonderful and we were looking forward to many more to come.