Society’s Good & Bad From My View

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Society’s Good & Bad From My View

In today’s world, I find myself more and more seeing two types of people. This could be because I am becoming a more developed person and a contributor towards society. There are the outward and inward thinkers; people who are open to the world and its progressive change and others, who are sometimes single-minded and closed-to-change. These types are not always discrete, but generally people tend to have one or the other mindset. I am glad to be surrounded people who are on the more open end of the social spectrum.

Who Should come, Who Should Go

In the long-term dilemmas the world is facing with the immigration situation, society seems to be taking clear opposing stances. From my point of view, I see both sides, but support most cases of immigration, where people come to a country to better themselves and in so doing, also help the country they live in. The scenario of wars and people running from war-torn countries to be safe is a highly emotive issue. Everyone should want to help people in need, especially the innocent; in a war they never wanted. What I do say is wrong are people who bleed a country of income in order to send it to another one, which in turn affects a small amount of the people from that country.

That Something Special

I seem to see more people wanting things “fast and cheap”. However there are also lots of people I find want something done right the first time, who are willing to wait a little longer and pay that bit more for something nicer and more effective. Things created, made or designed right, go much further than the cheaper non-effective work. A majority of shops you walk past tend to blend into one another; but the shops that are more visually appealing tend to jumps out. From that point of view it makes designers jobs more challenging but much more rewarding to have clients who want that something special.

The Possible End Of America

Donald Trump! Yes I am going there – a man who creates a shiver in me when anything about him hits the news or on Facebook. He is one of the single-minded and closed-to-change individuals that I, personally, have seen in a long time; abusive towards people of different backgrounds, religions, disabilities, the list goes on. There is no point in going on about this candidate because if you have a shred of common sense and realise that positive change in society (as slow as it may be!) is the best force for good then you know that this man should not become president. He has no sense of control and, in my opinion, someone with such a strong bias should not be allowed to be in that position of power. I found this jaw-dropping video of a Trump leaflet that had its content swapped with quotes from Hitler himself; to which the reactions are astonishing. Linked below.

Society Racing

Finally, I wanted to speak of the progression of society. Generations ago styles and trends would be defining factor in that period’s look, however in today’s lifestyles and culture this does not exist. Successful trends today last a year at best. For me this is encouraging to have such fluctuating changes but does seem like people want to rush through it all; even I do it. A generation that’s running through life and trends will be interesting to review in years to come. How will we continue to shape society further, by going even faster or start to slow down?