Inspirational Vector artist’s

Inspiring Vector Art

When looking for design inspiration I tend to look for simple, but also complex vector art. What do I mean by that? Well there is the clean look way of design that focuses on shape and structure, not worrying about huge detail or texture. For the more complex they can use the smallest textures or shapes to effect a larger area with high detail and depth, quite commonly used for work that have hundreds and sometimes thousands of layers of overlapping colours and forms. Although I’m a huge admirer of the simplistic approach I have recently started to neglect this style, but hopefully not for much longer as I hope to delve more deeply into vector drawing to acquire the skills to produce breathtaking art.

Below is a list of artists I like to keep my eye on; I hope you appreciate their work as much as I do.

Ron Guyatt

Ron Guyatt is a Designer who produces complex and stunning visuals, most of them being science fiction. This being the reason I can relate to him, as I to I have a great passion for sci-fi.

Ron’s love for the modern depiction of Art Deco is fabulous, not just from one format but taking elements through texture, angles and layers is astonishing. The ability to see and capture the essence of the subject allows his work to truly be captured and at the same time bringing his own vision through perfectly.

I fell in love with his massive collection of special travel posters. These posters take most or maybe even all of the special terms places and events. As a set, they come in colour codes and are perfectly carried throughout. I can imagine seeing them all in a row or massive collage; they really do invoke the viewer of space and the depths of amazement that the galaxy has to offer.

Follow Ron’s work here

Matt Needle

A Graphic Designer who has simply had an exceptional career in design, picking up many awards along the way. His work sticks to a simplified use of shapes and extremely clever layouts, his detailed use of the source media makes clever exciting pieces of art.

The reason I am so interested in Matt’s work could be down to the media that he produces interests me but regardless his layouts are astonishing some being minimalistic and others use fusions and interlacing structures. Matt has honed his skills to clearly convey the key elements in a film, in doing so carrying some or the entire story with it. The clear structure and contrast creates compelling captivating posters that connect the audience with the design.

Follow Matt’s work here

Fernando De Carabassa

Fernando’s specialty is digital artistry, it is his acute skill at International Swiss style that catches my eye, also my love for Sci-fi & Films just makes it so much more interesting for me.

As he visualises key quotes and scenes from his subject he uses a unique and different way of conveying the stories in a smart sleek approach that I think will remain timeless. Applying the typography to merely add context and round off the design just makes the designs ooze with simplicity. When referring to Swiss in a modern outtake Fernando De Carabassa work always comes to mind when gathering inspiration.

The light simplicity of his posters of 2001: A Space Audacity is brilliantly executed, the soft blends to the entire piece makes the design balance itself out. Allowing the elegant typography to add the weight to the design. It is especially clear that Fernando has the keen eye for executing seamless layouts that all flow naturally.

Follow Fernando’s work here

Orlando Arocena

I have kept my eye on this designer for quite sometime now, probably because I am intrigued to see what his next subject is and if he will find an intricate solution. Also the subjects he picks seem to always be something that I really enjoy or have an appreciation for, but of course mutual interests of the subject is a bonus while looking at many of Orlando’s speechless work.

The vector art produced by Orlando in my opinion is one the best I’ve seen, the level of complexity of layers has crafted a unique style that is recognized in the Graphic Design industry. The way he has approached building the layers is interesting as the dense mix of harsh almost sketch like lines and shapes gives his work mountains of character. Also within his work you have lots of uses of soft curves and highlights that skim across these shapes adding fine detail. This bringing balance to show a form of realism yet still retaining that aggressive sharp line and shape that makes it that unique form of artistry style, suiting perfectly for Sci-Fi or futuristic media.

Something I find admiring is the speed in which these finished pieces of art come out, the exploration for layout design and creative solution just seems to pour out with ease which is remarkable considering the high standard he achieves. I would hope to see his work be taken to film posters as I feel the layouts and creative solutions can be complex yet rapidly legible.

On a last note as a typographic designer myself it is great to see how Orlando finds fantastic yet simple ways to fully amerce the typography within his work. It is his wide and open-minded conceptual thinking that makes his work interesting to keep looking at. The style may stay the same but the implication and solutions within them are always an inspiration.

Follow Orlando’s work here

Tracie Ching

A self taught graphic designer and illustrator Tracie has worked for massive clients and for clearly good reasons. It is the flow of high quality design that attracted me to Tracie’s designs, usually I am someone who enjoys the more simple designs but with the quality shown in Tracies work it is hard to ignore the attention to detail and fabulous skills at making immersive content.

For me the unique style traits lie heavily within the texture and depth of the bringing the work to life and giving it a modern digital finish. In many respects it is like a signature of the designer and prevents the work from becoming a flat design. From a distance the designs pop as if it’s a digital photo, which gives it such an exciting experience because the longer you look at it you realize how much detail and time has been put in.

Many of Tracie’s designs are based on a specific subject so having that resource of a given subject and essence is excellent but it is down to a designer to make their mark, showing your passion for the subject. Tracie does this excellently but at the same time masterfully catches that feel of the subject within her own visual story.

Colour is a massive assistance in Tracie’s designs. Often she uses dark colour with deep rich colour to pop the design letting the work jump out at the audience. The use of colour to make the work stand out also lets the typography have that notch up from the visuals and keep that hierarchy of design. This allowing the colour to add in those intricate details that makes the design full and rich and immerses the audience into the content. It is that ability to take something unique on its own and give her solution to that story yet still injecting unique qualities with her flare, this being the reason that her work continues to catch my eye and inspire me.

Follow Tracie’s work here