Bridge2business: Citizen M Talk

A Creative Presentation

Last year I was fortunate enough to get a ticket to a business and creativity talk at the Citizen M Hotel in Glasgow. The talk was carried out by three speakers, Fynn the owner of, the second was a new creative company and one of the founders of Nana spoke on behalf of Rora Media and the final speaker was from the very fast and successful creative agency Madebrave with the owner Andrew there to take part. The talks consisted of background information on how the companies got to where they are today.

Make Me A Film

Make Me A Film is a media and video creative solutions agency that focuses on providing the best and most accurate depiction of what there clients strive towards. Fynn is originally from Brisbane, Australia and also has roots from Ireland but decided to study here in Glasgow. Subsequently when he left he eventually decided he hated the way his current and previous jobs treated him so he was pushed to make his own visions and creative solution outlet for businesses. After gaining the control and having the freedom to make his own decisions his plan was to set out and find a cohesive team who look to the future with the past in mind. Fynn made a point in saying that he would rather look for smart, skilled and creative designers who know the sector rather than what normal commercial film companies set there eyes out for.

During Fynn’s talk he made a point to help the young business and creatives in the room. He mentioned that making content easily accessible is a priority today as the attention span is short and has to be as quick and easy as possible to succeed. Being able to know your audiences and understand what makes you different and stand out from another person in that field is important so you can market your clientele and optimize your business around your strengths. Initially a client can want something but in reality we should be able to establish the objectives and decide and give advice to our clients needs. Finally it was clear that being open to a client is smart business, itemizing your costs to prevent any ugly miscommunications.

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Rora Media

Nana from Rora media has been established by two recent graduates that have set up shop in the heart of Glasgow. They provide Graphic Design services that focus on branding, marketing and web. Having walked us through their own brand and story there was the focus on case studies of branding and establishing a brand. Beginning with Nike and how they never intended to use their now infamous tick to be the face of their brand. Then came iconic and simplistic journey of the timeless brand Apple. Finishing off with a personal favourite of mine the FedEx logo. Observing how through negative space and a positive moving arrow the logo creates that subtle genius that so many designers try to achieve.

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Rora media

Made Brave

The final speaker was Andrew from Madebrave who spoke about mainly the success of the company and how it came about. Andrew explained to us that it was a gamble that paid off, he sunk his pockets deep to start up and being a business enthusiast it became a state where once things were up and running his skills allowed the company to grow and grow. Now nominated for numerous awards and flooding the social and digital scene it has surpassed all other creative agencies in Glasgow for being the most known.

Popular Sinek

The three speakers had all used Simon Sinek as a bench mark to help communicate there point in marketing with a brand and product, which was; “People don’t buy what you do. They buy why and how you do it” – Simon Sinek. In his talk there is an example of how apple do better at the majority of marketing and selling products. The golden circle of what, how and why we do things and how leaders take the stage in success is how you know what you are and what you’re offering or selling. The how is where some fail to communicate to the client or audience what you provide. But if you can communicate what your existence is, that will set you above a lot of others. Finally the why, not many know or fully perceive this but the goal for this is not to make money it is to provide a reason for you to work, knowing why you do what you do is key to communicating your service and purpose. Apple uses this in a different order they give you the why, how and what, that in the end leads to success or that’s what many believe.

Simon Sinek Ted Talk


The talk ended on several questions, allowing for more insights but overall the talk gave an overview of how to treat branding and marketing. Also how to realize the importance of a business reliance on these services and making sure people connect in a compelling solution, set goals and establish a strategy that will make people want to invest in your work.

 Talks organisers: Bridge2business