Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice

The Clash We Have Been Waiting For

With the imminent release of Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, The Man Of Steel will clash with The Dark Knight, the hype continues to build, everyone hoping, wishing and waiting to see the two heroes take it to the big screen with two very different methods come together to spill blood against each other.

Man vs God

Superman is a god in all right, he can fly, run and jump at an incredible force. Almost unmatched by strength and resistant to damage this film will be sure to test those abilities, he might wish his suit colour took after Deadpool’s in the sense that people might see him bleed.

Two Heroes

The two fight for the greater good of earth but it is Superman’s power that scares many and especially Batman, he sees the caped hero as a liability. The batman is a worn down and experienced Bruce Wayne dealing from much loss, his emotions could be tainted, but he is a very strong ally with a huge amount of strength, more importantly the brain to overcome almost any enemy.

This Is Where It Will Begin

I hope to see the Batman holding his own against Superman, using whatever gadgets he can to give him the edge. (The most obvious thing being Kryptonite, but according to the last film that wasn’t going to exist, so who knows?). All I know is I am going to be going in cool headed and opened minded as we might not be alone in the films hero list, I’m expecting to see more than just Wonder Woman gate crashing. After all DC has a lot of catching up to do and with the title being a precursor to the massive Justice League film.

Below are some very enjoyable flashback videos of the original Superman and Batman films, which have a much funnier view to them. The best trailer is most likely to make you want to see this Clash Of Titans.